Future Science Platforms are critical to turn Australia’s future challenges into opportunities to invent a better future for us all.

Future Science Platforms (FSPs) are an investment in science that underpins innovation and that has the potential to help reinvent and create new industries for Australia. FSPs will see us grow the capability of new generation of researchers and allow Australia to attract the best students and experts to work with us on future science.

Here's a short summary of the visions behind each of our new Future Science Platforms: a multi-year, multi-disciplinary investment in our collective future - bringing CSIRO and our partners together to work on the big ideas.


Digiscape is about harnessing the digital revolution for Australian farmers and land managers. We will solve multiple real-life knowledge shortfalls in the land sector simultaneously by building a common big data infrastructure that will support next generation decision making and transform agricultural industries and environmental action.

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is essentially the application of engineering principles to biology. It involves the design and construction of biological systems and devices, as well as the re-design of existing, natural biological systems, usually based on DNA-encoded componentry, and their application for useful purposes. Synthetic biology enables revolutionary advances in cellular factories, designer organisms and biological devices.


Environomics aims to reinvent how we measure and monitor ecosystem health, predict biodiversity responses to environmental change, manage biological resources, detect biosecurity threats and more. This next generation of environmental science will be based on genomics, phenomics, big data informatics and simulation.

Deep Earth Imaging

In the future, Australia's minerals, energy and water resources will come from far greater depths in the Earth and from deep offshore sources, but our ability to find and exploit these resources is limited by the deep and complex cover of sediments and weathered material that covers 80 per cent of Australia's land mass. The science of Deep Earth Imaging will help us more precisely image subsurface rock properties to unlock the potential of this vast and relatively under-explored area.

Active Integrated Matter

Combining materials, robotics, processing and sensing technologies and autonomous science to lead ground-breaking advances at the interface of big data, advanced autonomous systems, and materials science. These inventions and advances will drive the i-manufacturing or manufacturing 4.0 revolution and put early adopter industries ahead of the competition.

Probing Biosystems

A revolution in healthcare and agriculture through devices and systems to obtain real-time information from living organisms about their health and well-being. This will lead to the ability to provide health and medical interventions that are timely, customised and highly specific.

Watch this short animation to find out more

[The CSIRO logo appears in the centre of the screen and then it enlarges and circles appear around it pushing out until the CSIRO logo fills the whole screen]

Narrator: At CSIRO we push the edge of what’s possible.

[Images flash through of a WiFi symbol and an Aerogard symbol and then the image changes to show a blue screen covered with different size black and white dots and text appears: Over 1854 patents]

We invented WiFi, Aerogard and thousands of other clever innovations

[The camera zooms out so the text is small and then the dots on the screen enlarge and resolve into text: Future]

and we’re always busy thinking about the future. 

[Image changes to show a 2D animation of the earth with the circumference covered with buildings and trees]

So what’s next? 

[Images show a beam going into the animation of the earth from the right hand side and the animation of the earth rotates in an anticlockwise direction and text appears: Deep Earth Imaging]

Technologies to look deep inside the earth for the minerals we need to make the things we depend on. 

[Image continues to rotate and then it resolves into an animation of a farm landscape and then the computer zooms out to show two farmers looking at a bank of computer screens displaying data while a tractor moves from left to right of the screen in the background]

Networks to help farmers feed billions more people using Sensor Data and Smart Analytics to match crops to future soil and weather conditions. 

[Image changes to show an animation of a dotted fish on the screen and text appears: Environomics]


[Camera zooms in on the dots and then a box encircles some of the dots and some of the dots inside the box change to black and then the camera zooms out to display a dotted fish, jelly fish and sea plant all displaying matching boxes of dots which then connect to another text box below and text appears: Match, Environomics]

analysing and understanding the biological data that connects organisms to help conserve biodiversity and ecosystems. 

[Image changes to show a dotted animation of a syringe which rotates in an anticlockwise direction and the camera zooms in on the dots and letters appear inside the dots and text appears underneath: Synthetic Biology]

Synthetic vaccines written one D.N.A. letter at a time

[Image changes to show a dotted animation of a heart on a pink background]

or spare parts for our bodies, personalised and made to order.

[Music plays and the camera zooms out and the pink background resolves into an animation of a person walking along a path and connecting dots appear displaying data around the person and text appears: Probing Biosystems]

Sensors that monitor every aspect of our health in real time

[Image shows a pink dot appearing inside the animation of the person connecting it to text: Abnormal Cells Detected]

so cancers might be caught

[Image shows the pink dot changing to a green colour and then the image shows the animation of a person continuing to walk along the pathway]

before they can recur

[Animation images flash through of a robot moving to the right across the screen towards a male standing by a car with the bonnet up]

and connecting robotics, materials, sensors, data and A.I. to make machines smarter

[Image shows the robot producing a car part, giving it to the male via a telescopic arm, the male putting it under the car bonnet and the car starting]

so they can custom manufacture almost anything just as it is needed. 

[The camera zooms out to show 6 circles connected to the CSIRO logo in the centre and the whole rotates in a clockwise direction and then the inner circle changes and text appears inside the circles: Future Science Platforms, Active Integrated Matter, Probing Systems, Synthetic Biology, Deep Earth Imaging, Digiscape and Environomics]

These are just some of the visions behind our new future science platforms. 

[Image changes to show a line of eight animation people and the two people at the centre of the group join hands and text appears: CSIRO and Partners]

[The animation picture scrolls off the bottom of the screen and CSIRO logo and text appears: Future Science Platforms, www.csiro.au/fsp]

A multi-year, multi-disciplinary investment in our collective future, bringing very smart people together from CSIRO and our partners to work on big ideas for the future. 

[Music plays]

Future Science Platforms

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