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Recycling Australia’s water (Podcast 27 Apr 2007)

Is recycled water part of the solution to Australia’s water crisis? In this podcast, Dr Simon Toze discusses the benefits of recycling our water. (7:29)

Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project (Podcast 07 Sep 2007)

Dr Tom Hatton talks about the Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project and the release of the first regional report on the Warrego. (5:40)

Australia’s north – nirvana for irrigators? (Podcast 26 May 2008)

The continuing drought is prompting a re-appraisal of northern Australia’s vast rivers and streams, fed copiously during every rainy season. But is a move to the North, or piping the water south, the answer to our irrigation problems? In this podcast, Dr Cuan Petheram dashes some hopes and dreams. (4.24)

Water and Energy Saving Cities (Podcast 24 Oct 2008)

The CSIRO report Water-energy futures for Melbourne examines the challenges a large city faces in providing water for their growing populations. In this podcast, Steven Kenway from the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship discusses these challenges. (4:58)

A better greywater treatment comes out in the wash (Podcast 03 Feb 2009)

CSIRO’s Water for a Healthy Country Flagship and the Smart Water Fund (a joint initiative of Melbourne’s water businesses and the Victorian Government) have developed a practical method for testing whether greywater treatment technologies meet Australian standards. (3:52)

Would you pay more to avoid water restrictions? (Podcast 20 Mar 2007)

Resource economist Dr Sorada Tapsuwan talks about a CSIRO survey and the issue of water restrictions in Perth, Western Australia in this five-minute podcast. (4:54)

Enzyme enters the fight to keep run-off water herbicide free (Podcast 17 Feb 2009)

Farmers around the world are expected to benefit from the successful trial of an enzyme that breaks down the herbicide, atrazine, in run-off water. (7:01)

Murray-Darling Basin: The end of the line (Podcast 21 Jul 2008)

The last of 18 specific reports on water availability in every region of the Murray-Darling Basin has been completed by the CSIRO’s Murray Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project team. Dr Tom Hatton, the former Director of the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, says the Murray region report has sobering news for the environment and communities at the end of the system. (6:10)

Today's farmers meeting tomorrow's climate challenges (Podcast 03 Jul 2008)

Australia’s farmers are our climate change 'warriors', and many of them are already meeting the challenges of climate change, with major modifications to the way they produce our food. In this podcast, Dr Mark Howden from CSIRO’s Climate Adaptation Flagship, explains how farmers are dealing with challenges such as lower rainfall and irrigation allocations. (4:51)

Advanced membrane technologies for water treatment research cluster

An outlining the work of the Advanced Membrane Technologies for Water Treatment Research Cluster. (4 pages)

New solutions to water management issues

We focus on finding new, integrated ways to manage our water supply and water resources issues. This includes land use change, salinity, climate change, groundwater extraction and drainage schemes. 

Vapour intrusion guidelines for Australian buildings

Widespread concern about potentially hazardous gases migrating from contaminated subsurface environments has highlighted the need for guidelines for vapour intrusion into Australian buildings.

Sustainability assessment framework of alternative urban water and sewerage services

CSIRO scientists have developed an innovative sustainability assessment framework that evaluates the different options for providing water and sewerage services to urban greenfield developments.

Developing sustainability strategies for regional communities in Victoria

The Sustainable Communities Initiative has completed a project in partnership with Regional Development Victoria (RDV) working with communities in the five Victorian Regions on local sustainability challenges.

Water for a Healthy Country Flagship video

This video shows how CSIRO's Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is helping to inform the sustainable management of Australia’s water. (7:30) Watch a video outlining the activities of the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship.

Integrated research underpins the Tully Water Quality Improvement Plan

Together with its research partners, CSIRO has provided integrated bio-physical, social and economic research to underpin the development of the Tully Water Quality Improvement Plan, helping to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Dr Trevor Bastow: researching petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater

Dr Trevor Bastow is an organic and analytical chemist researching the occurrence, fate and analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater.

Treating and utilising waste overview

CSIRO works with various industry sectors to develop improved technologies for sustainable treatment and subsequent disposal of waste as well as techniques for recovering resources from waste materials.

Dr Tira Foran: analysing decision making around sustainable development

Dr Tira Foran works with CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, where he studies social change around energy and resource use. He is a specialist in governance of hydropower and electricity planning in mainland southeast Asia.

Recharge: turning stormwater into drinking water

A South Australian project demonstrates that water, currently left to flow down our gutters, can be treated to produce drinking water.

Sustainable use of natural resources

CSIRO research is helping Australia's government, industries and consumers use resources more sustainably.

The Sustainable Communities Initiative

The Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) is a cross-sector partnership helping Australian communities respond to sustainability challenges.

Sustainable Asset Management fact sheet

An overview of the activities of the Sustainable Asset Management Research Stream, within the Urban Water Theme of the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship. (2 pages)

Sustainable consumption in urban developments

CSIRO researchers are modelling the links between human behaviour, urban developments and carbon emissions.

South-West Western Australia: supporting state water management strategies

The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is conducting research to increase water benefits across South-West Western Australia – from farms, towns and catchments to the complex dam and groundwater system surrounding Perth.

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