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Dr Heinz Schandl: informing policies for sustainable use of natural resources

With a background in Sociology and Social and Economic Sciences, Dr Heinz Schandl investigates the co-evolution of social and ecological systems and their transition to sustainability.

Climate Adaptation Flagship

Enabling Australia to adapt more effectively to the impacts of climate change and variability and informing national planning, regulation and investment decisions.

Salty waste a potentially sweet deal

Using desalination plants’ hyper-saline discharge in solar salt fields could increase production and halve the space required by conventional salt fields, research that uses technoeconomics is finding.

The urban water security research alliance

Between 2007 and 2012, CSIRO was a major partner of the Urban Water Security Research Alliance, delivering knowledge and solutions to help ensure a sustainable future water supply for the people of South East Queensland.

Putting mining by-products to good use

CSIRO researchers have characterised a suite of mining by-products that can be used in the purification of industrial and farming wastewaters.

Compact urban form key to Melbourne’s water and energy savings

The report 'Water-energy futures for Melbourne' presents an analysis of future water and related energy needs for Melbourne. (2 pages)

Desalination in Australia report

This report provides up to date information about the status of desalination in Australia at a national scale. (26 pages)

Salisbury stormwater ASTR project risk assessment report

The Salisbury stormwater ASTR project risk assessment report report provides details on the risk assessments of water quality hazards for the Salisbury stormwater ASTR project. (106 pages)

Dr Matthew Inman: research to improve urban sustainability

Improving the sustainability of urban development through planning, design and technology that reduces impact and increases livability is a key research priority for Dr Matthew Inman.

Water overview

Australia, the driest inhabited continent on Earth, has recognised it must learn to make better use of its water resources and CSIRO is contributing to smarter technologies and more efficient systems. To meet Australia’s water challenges, smart technologies and more efficient systems are being developed.

Dr David Beale: researching asset management within the water sector

Dr David Beale's primary research areas include sustainability based asset management and condition assessment techniques for water utility assets.

Fighting the blob with mining by-products (Podcast 31 Mar 2011)

CSIRO research has shown that some mining by-products can be effective in preventing nutrients from entering river systems, thereby reducing the potential for algal blooms. (6:56)

Purified recycled water

CSIRO scientists are providing world-class science to advance the knowledge and understanding of purified recycled water to ensure safety and consumer acceptability. (2 pages)

HydroPlanner: a linked urban water modelling system

The HydroPlanner software tool designed by CSIRO scientists to help urban water planners and managers understand the system-wide dynamics of integrated and diversified urban water systems. (4 pages)

Dr Matthew Beaty: understanding urban environments though spatial analysis

Dr Matthew Beaty applies spatial analysis approaches to understand relationships between people and the environment in urban areas.

Urban Water Futures stream

The Urban Water Futures stream research will assist urban and water planners, managers and government policy makers to better understand how transitions to alternative water systems will contribute towards sustainable, liveable and productive cities.

Research finding paves the way for increased water recycling via aquifers

Research has opened the way for the increased use of reclaimed water storage in aquifers through investigations into water quality targets which can reduce well clogging.

Economic evaluation of alternative water allocation options

Titled Economic evaluation of alternative water allocation options in the South West Region (Busselton-Capel, Bunbury and Blackwood groundwater areas), this report was prepared by Dr Donna Brennan for the Western Australian Department of Water. (31 pages)

New technologies for urban water systems

CSIRO scientists are creating the technology needed for more sustainable, efficient and innovative use of Australia’s urban water resources.

Determining requirements for Managed Aquifer Recharge in Western Australia

This report provides details on managed aquifer recharge (MAR) as a technique that has great potential for assisting  the uptake of water recycling in Western Australia, particularly in the south-west on the Swan Coastal Plain. (59 pages)

Water conservation a key to saving energy

A 61-page report 'Energy Use in the provision and consumption of urban water in Australia and New Zealand' provides, for the first time, a clear picture of energy used in Australia and New Zealand by the water industry in relation to residential and total city-wide energy use.

Urban water: intelligent networks

CSIRO is improving sensor network technologies to optimise integrated urban water systems management and the quality and reliability of water service delivery.

Urban water: advanced water treatment

CSIRO is developing advanced treatment technologies for water, wastewater and stormwater to reduce the carbon footprint of the water industry.

Swan futures

The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is facilitating the development of a Regional Water Management Strategy for urban environments. The strategy will integrate environmental, social and economic challenges in water resource management and domestic water supply.

Measuring the water footprint of agriculture from 'paddock to plate'

A method for measuring the environmental impacts of water used in crop and food production is helping businesses develop more sustainable practices and consumers make wiser choices.

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