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Improving processes for flushing contaminants from groundwater

CSIRO research has significantly improved the process and design of remediation systems using air sparging and multiphase extraction to treat fuel spills that contaminate groundwater systems.

Adapting forest management to enhance water and environmental values

A CSIRO project is investigating the relationship between forested catchments, water yield and climate change.

CSIRO and food production: securing our food future

CSIRO is delivering science to improve food production systems and food quality in Australia and internationally.

Science for our environment

CSIRO and its partners seek to develop solutions to Australia’s environmental challenges. CSIRO is committed to the challenge of using science, combined with community and industry knowledge, to make sure that our ecosystems are sustainable for the long term prosperity of Australia.

Driving sustainability through systems innovation fact sheet

This fact sheet explains how Minerals Down Under Flagship researchers are examining sustainable processing through systems innovation. (2 pages)

Distributed Systems Fact Sheet

This fact sheet gives an overview of the research of the Distributed Systems Stream, within the Urban Water Theme of the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship. (2 pages)

Zero Emission House

An eight-star energy efficiency rated house that produces enough zero emission electricity to satisfy its energy needs, designed specifically for the Australian mass housing market.

ARCWIS: understanding the social implications of resource decisions

Australian Research Centre for Water in Society (ARCWIS) was established to assist Australian organisations and communities to make quality decisions in water and related issues. CSIRO is recognised for its expertise in the conduct and application of innovative social research for water resource management and other related issues of importance to society.

Advanced water treatment

An overview of the activities of the Advanced Water Treatment Research Stream, within the Urban Water Theme of the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship. (2 pages)

Adelaide coastal waters study

The Adelaide Coastal Waters Study aims to piece together the complex story behind the decline of Adelaide’s coastal environment.

First ever coal seam gas scientific research alliance established

Industry and science came together in Brisbane today to launch a groundbreaking new research alliance to support the sustainable development of the coal seam gas (CSG) industry. The alliance was officially launched by CSIRO Chief Executive Megan Clark and Page Maxson, Project Director, Australia Pacific LNG.

Venice to suffer fewer storm surges

Venice – the City of Dreams – may have one less nightmare to deal with following a finding that the frequency of extreme storm surge events generated by Adriatic Sea tempests could fall by about 30 per cent by 2100.

The naked truth about our landscape

Australia has been stripped bare of vegetation to expose the surface that lies beneath.

Investing wisely to save the Great Barrier Reef

CSIRO science is being used to improve land management practices on farmland to help reduce run-off of sediments, nutrients and pesticides on to the Great Barrier Reef.

Citizen science breaks new ground

Armed with digital cameras, phones with inbuilt GPS and other technology tools, Australia’s army of ‘citizen scientists’ are helping researchers collect data on an unprecedented scale, reports the latest issue of ECOS.

Standardising greywater treatment technologies

A new protocol for testing greywater treatment technologies in Australia could boost efforts to conserve the nation’s water resources.

Fine-scale terrain detail of Australia released today

CSIRO is building a three-dimensional computer model of Australia’s ground surface topography at scales never seen before.

Saving water key to reducing energy use

A new report by CSIRO and the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) gives a clearer picture of water and energy use in Australia and New Zealand and highlights areas offering potentially significant water and energy savings.

Urban form a key to Melbourne water savings

Restricting Melbourne’s urban sprawl could have a big impact on reducing the city’s water use over the long term, says a CSIRO report launched today to coincide with National Water Week.

Murray Darling team win top CSIRO award

The team of scientists who developed The Murray Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project has been awarded the 2008 CSIRO Chairman’s Medal.

Ecovillage life, roo steaks and solar kings

Ideal for extraverts, but introverts and tall poppies should approach with caution – this is one of the fascinating insights into ecovillage life revealed in ECOS magazine released this week.

CSIRO takes holistic approach to water quality issue

CSIRO researchers are working with local Queensland communities to provide sustainable solutions aimed at protecting one of Australia’s greatest assets, the Great Barrier Reef.

Study seeks ‘human fingerprint’ on WA’s climate

A new study will reveal whether major changes to Western Australia’s climate are due to human activities and if they will persist and intensify with increasing greenhouse gas levels.

Whales and water quality as environmental statisticians meet in Melbourne

It may sound strange to us, but one of the ways to figure out how many whales are in the ocean is to figure out how many whales observers don’t see.

Improving knowledge about water in Australia’s north

Research to provide a better understanding about irrigation and the water systems of northern Australia was released today at the Irrigation Australia conference in Melbourne.

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