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Boom and Bust and other bird stories take flight (Podcast 18 Sep 2009)

The ability of Australian desert birds to adapt to cycles of drought, flood, feast and famine is highlighted in the new Whitley Award winning book Boom and Bust: Bird Stories for a dry country. (5:08)

Staying healthy under climate change: a long-term prescription (Podcast 06 Apr 2011)

Protecting urban Australians from a range of health risks associated with global warming is the focus of a new research cluster that will investigate health issues ranging from the spread of mosquito-borne diseases to heat stress, air pollution and food security. (10:51)

Border Rivers: summary of regional report

A summary of a report to the Australian Government from the CSIRO Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project. (12 pages)

Process magazine

The February 2008 issue shows how CSIRO researchers use process engineering to evaluate and improve existing processes and develop new processes to meet clients needs. (12 pages) 

Water reuse technologies

A two-page information sheet that looks at how the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is helping to meet the Western Australian target of achieving 20 per cent reuse of treated wastewater by 2012. Reusing water will be essential for Australian cities of the future to be sustainable.

Implementation of the IR-CGE Model for Planning

This 34-page discussion paper is entitled Implementation of the IR-CGE Model for Planning: IRSA-INDONESIA 5 (Inter-Regional System of Analysis for Indonesia in five Regions).

CAF Working Paper 4: Adaptation benchmarking survey: initial report

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper reports on survey research conducted to assess the current level of climate adaptation planning being undertaken in organisations in Australia. (68 pages)

Wungong urban water project

A four-page fact sheet about the Wungong urban water in Western Australia.

PARMS-Planning software: managing our water supply network

CSIRO has developed PARMS (Pipeline Asset and Risk Management System), a suite of computer-based models designed to assist water authorities in the management of water supply network assets. (2 pages)

Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on the Deterioration of Concrete Infrastructure Report: Synthesis

The synthesis section of the Concrete Durability report includes the Executive Summary. (50 pages)

Murrumbidgee Regional Report, Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project

The full report for the Murrumbidgee region from the CSIRO Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project. (172 pages)

House Water Expert software

Download House Water Expert, a free interactive software package that enables you to accurately record your water use and assess ways to reduce water wastage.

Global Warming demands ecological action (Podcast 04 Sep 2009)

A world-wide collapse of habitats, species extinctions, the spread of pests and diseases, and serious threats to even the most common plants and animals are all on the cards with the state of the global environment. (6:07)

SEED Working Paper 40: Peri-urbanisation, Social Heterogeneity and Ecological Simplification

This 33-page working paper is number 2010-03 in the Socio-Economics and the Environment in Discussion (SEED) working paper series.

Lead and other heavy metals: common contaminants of rainwater

This conference paper details research by CSIRO and Monash University into the level of heavy metals in rainwater tanks in Melbourne. (9 pages)

The Sustainable Communities Initiative Final Report

This 68-page report is the final report released by the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI).

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