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How much are our Tropical Rivers worth? (Podcast 26 Aug 2009)

In comparison to Australia’s temperate freshwater and tropical marine systems, Australia’s tropical river systems are poorly understood, yet tropical rivers deliver around 70 percent of the continent’s freshwater runoff and are increasingly being targeted for development. (6:23)

SEED Working Paper 38: Institutional Arrangements for the Community Engagement in the Natural Resources Management: Case Study of the Lake Eyre Basin

This 35-page working paper is number 2010-01 in the Socio-Economics and the Environment in Discussion (SEED) working paper series.

River Murray floodplain inundation model

Details of the support available for decision-making among the managers of one of Australia’s most important water resources are provided in this fact sheet. (2 pages)

Using groundwater in metropolitan Perth

This 75-page report assesses the potential for increasing use of groundwater across metropolitan Perth, taking into account the cost, accessibility and impact on the environment.

SEED Working Paper 39: The Trade-off between Agronomic Advice and Risk Management Strategies for Planting Decisions in the Darling Downs Grains Region

This 34-page working paper is number 2010-02 in the Socio-Economics and the Environment in Discussion (SEED) working paper series.

Presentation of project methods: CSIRO Murray-Darling Basin sustainable yields project

A presentation of the project methods of the CSIRO Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project. (36 pages)

Expert panel set to discuss Australian Mammal Extinction Crisis (Podcast 07 Aug 2009)

Australia has one of the worst mammal extinction rates in the world, with 22 mammals becoming extinct over the past 200 years. Ground-breaking ideas are now being developed to turn this situation around. (5:04)

Warrego snapshot: summary of regional report

Summary of a report to the Australian Government from the CSIRO Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project. (12 pages)

Sustainable communities initiative update: Winter 2009

Find out about the CSIRO's Sustainable Communities Initiative in its quarterly newsletter (8 pages).

A snapshot of the lifestyles and consumption patterns of a sample of Australian households

The preliminary results of research looking at the lifestyle choices made by Australian households to determine consumption patterns and the impacts these have on quality of life and the environment. (2 pages)

Technical Note and Manual for Inter Regional System of Analysis for Indonesia in Five Regions

This 80-page manuscript is a manual book for the IRSA-Indonesia5 model - Inter Regional System of Analysis for Indonesia in Five Regions.

Uncharted waters: influences on the Australian urban water sector report

A 58-page report by the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship on the key factors that are likely to shape urban water management over the next twenty years.

Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on the Deterioration of Concrete Infrastructure Report: Synthesis

The synthesis section of the Concrete Durability report includes the Executive Summary. (50 pages)

National Distributed Urban Water Systems: Performance Verification cluster specification

The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is seeking collaborations with research organisations to enhance the security, reliability and sustainability of urban water services in Australian cities and towns. (2 pages)

Process magazine

The February 2008 issue shows how CSIRO researchers use process engineering to evaluate and improve existing processes and develop new processes to meet clients needs. (12 pages) 

Summary document: Hydrological Consequences of Climate Change Symposium

Download the summary document from the Hydrological Consequences of Climate Change Symposium held in Canberra, ACT, 15-16 November 2007. (6 pages)

Distributed water harvesting and recycling technologies

CSIRO's work to ensure the availability and utilisation of diversified water supplies to our urban environments is detailed in this information sheet. (2 pages)

22Murrum CLW MedRelTsr

A CSIRO irrigation research laboratory at Griffith in NSW will provide ground-breaking knowledge, skills and technology to the world’s biggest and most intensive irrigation regions under a new United Nations program.

Venice to flood less under climate change (Podcast 19 Jul 2011)

A team of scientists studying climate impacts have found that the frequency of extreme storm surge events generated by Adriatic Sea tempests could fall by about 30 per cent by 2100. (7:07)

Staying healthy under climate change: a long-term prescription (Podcast 06 Apr 2011)

Protecting urban Australians from a range of health risks associated with global warming is the focus of a new research cluster that will investigate health issues ranging from the spread of mosquito-borne diseases to heat stress, air pollution and food security. (10:51)

87Murray WFHC MedRelTsr

The River Murray region - the Murray, its tributaries and its catchments - is at the heart of a huge national research project which is intended to find ways to increase the benefit from Australia's scarce water resources.

Wungong urban water project

A four-page fact sheet about the Wungong urban water in Western Australia.


CSIRO is undertaking a comprehensive scientific assessment of current and future water availability in all major water systems across Australia to allow a consistent framework for future water policy decisions.

PARMS-Planning software: managing our water supply network

CSIRO has developed PARMS (Pipeline Asset and Risk Management System), a suite of computer-based models designed to assist water authorities in the management of water supply network assets. (2 pages)

Fundamentals of an SAM Analysis with an Application to the 2005 Indonesian Inter-Regional Social Accounting Matrix

This document outlines the fundamentals of the Social Accounting Matrix (SAM). (34 pages)

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