Partnering with the Food Futures Flagship

The Food Futures Flagship has many collaborations with researchers, business and government. Innovation drives growth for companies, so partner with us to help drive success.

Find out more about: Partnering for the future of Australia’s agrifood industry.

Partnership Highlights

Australian scientific collaboration set to break world’s reliance on fish for long chain omega-3

A pioneering research alliance is on the way to breaking the world's reliance on fish stocks for supply of long chain omega-3.

Prawn farming: towards a sustainable and profitable future

Over the past 20 years, CSIRO research has focused on environmental and health management issues, domestication, selective breeding and prawn nutrition, to move the industry towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

Partnership for new healthy wheats

Arista Cereal Technologies is a new joint venture formed to accelerate the development of new healthy wheat varieties.

We asked CSIRO - Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture

Find out how we're working with partner Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture to breed prawns in captivity, and make them bigger and healthier. (1:48)

We asked CSIRO - Popina Foods

Find out how we're working with Popina Foods to get BARLEYmax, our 'supergrain' that contains twice the dietary fibre of regular grains, into your cereal. (1:42)