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About the DPAS Flagship
Watch the video about CSIRO’s Digital Productivity and Services Flagship.


Thanks to a strong resources sector, Australia’s economy has weathered the global financial crisis. But overall productivity has dropped, placing us behind other OECD countries.

Around 80 percent of our GDP comes from the services industries, yet while workers of developing nations increase their skills, our productivity is declining.

We need to do things in ways we never thought possible.

Innovation and a thriving digital economy are essential for Australia’s economic growth and international standing.

CSIRO’s Digital Productivity and Services Flagship is a A$40 million research initiative aiming to help businesses and government deliver services in more innovative, faster and better ways by boosting the generation, transmission and consumption of digital services.

By improving ways of delivering services and making the most of the national broadband infrastructure, we'll tackle the big challenges in health service delivery, government and commercial services and create smarter and more secure infrastructure.

Rising health costs and an aging population threaten our health system and change is needed.

We’re working with Australian health service providers to offer tools, technologies and insights to help them manage increasing demands for health services, Australia-wide.

Our research and innovation will help people in the way they can access health care, and improve the delivery of health services to remote communities.

Government and business generate massive volumes of data, but making sense of this information and using it to guide decision making can be difficult and costly.

We’re helping organisations improve their productivity and boost effectiveness in the way services are delivered resulting in increased competitiveness, the development of new products and greater efficiency of services.

Securing Australia’s physical and cyber infrastructure is an ever-increasing challenge.

Collaborating with government agencies and private industry, we’re creating smarter solutions to enhance and protect Australia’s critical infrastructure.

Our high performance technologies will increase the productivity of industry, and emerging broadband enabled services will unlock the value of a national broadband infrastructure.

CSIRO’s research expertise places us in a leading position to tackle Australia’s productivity decline.

Some of our work will be in labs, but most of it will happen in businesses and departments across Australia, as we create opportunities for technology to improve the way services are delivered.

By 2025 The Digital Productivity and Services Flagship aims to create A$4 billion in added value per year for the economy, and most exciting of all, shape an innovative digital future for all Australians.


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