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International collaboration in manufacturing, materials and minerals

CSIRO works with industry leaders around the world to develop sustainable products, processes and services and to provide solutions for the exploration, mining, minerals processing and metal production industries.

Titanium Challenge 2012: Terms and Conditions

The CSIRO Titanium Challenge is a competition for Australian university undergraduate students. (4 pages)

Handheld plasma flashlight rids skin of bacteria instantly

A group of Chinese and Australian scientists, including CSIRO, have developed a handheld, battery-powered plasma-producing device that can rid skin of bacteria in an instant.

Investigating ionic liquids to improve processing performance

A better understanding of the behaviour of ionic liquids could potentially improve the economic and environmental performance of electrowinning processes.

Detective work solves zinc smelter puzzle

Thorough detective work by CSIRO researchers has helped identify the cause of unusual brick degradation in a Tasmanian zinc smelter.


A free magazine containing the latest news on CSIRO's research in mineral processing and metal production.

Mineral sands processing

CSIRO uses its expertise in the area of mineral sands processing to help customers solve processing problems and improve existing production processes.  

Dr Malisja de Vries: producing biocoke for sustainable aluminium smelting

Dr de Vries has worked as a materials scientist in aluminium smelting. Her broad experience, coupled with her knowledge of environmental issues and reduction cell construction, means that she brings a practical industry-based view to the use of sustainable materials.

Working at CSIRO Process Science and Engineering

In this video people working for CSIRO explain how they apply their expertise to a diverse range of problems across a number of areas. (2:20)

Process magazine

The October issue of Process explores the importance of measurement in the minerals industry and highlights key initiatives that CSIRO is working on to improve existing measurement systems in the industry. (12 pages)

Process magazine

The October 2007 issue shows how CSIRO researchers are using sophisticated modelling techniques to enhance the performance of existing industrial processes and develop next-generation processes.

Process magazine

The high price of fuel is hitting all elements of the Australian economy - including mineral processors. In this issue of Process, read how CSIRO Minerals is working to minimise energy consumption, reduce water usage and optimise processing within the minerals sector. (12 pages)

Process magazine

This October 2004 issue focuses on the latest CSIRO research in the Australian iron ore markets - including the use of alternative ores such as magnetite and the technology used to process it. (12 pages)

Process magazine November 2002

This November 2002 issue highlights the importance of research and development and discusses the latest advances in minerals processing and metal production technologies. CSIRO research in minerals processing and metal production. (12 pages)

Process magazine October 2003

This October 2003 issue of Process focuses on how CSIRO research into mineral processing and metal production is being applied both locally and globally. (12 pages)

Process magazine

The June 2008 issue shows how CSIRO research is helping the minerals industry achieve improvements today and achieve economic and environmental sustainability for the future. (12 pages)

Process magazine

This issue shows how CSIRO researchers are using advanced materials characterisation techniques to help the minerals processing industry move into the precision processing era. (12 pages)

Process magazine July 2002

This July 2002 issue focuses on CSIRO research into sustainability within the minerals processing and metal production industries. (12 pages)

Process magazine June 2004

Process magazine June 2004 focuses on CSIRO research aimed at improving minerals processing and metal production and the positive impact it can have on the industry's bottom line. (12 pages)

Process magazine February 2004

Process magazine February 2004 focuses on the important role materials characterisation technologies can play in improving minerals processing and metal production. (12 pages)

Process magazine

The February 2007 issue of Process magazine explores stewardship and the need for balancing wealth creation from Australia's mineral resources with sustainability. (12 pages )

Process magazine February 2002

This February 2002 issue focuses on CSIRO research in minerals processing and metal production. (12 pages)

Process magazine

The February issue of Process showcases the best articles from the last 20 years. It highlights the important research CSIRO has undertaken and continues to undertake in the minerals and metal production sector. (12 pages)

Strategic R&D investment benefits bottom line

Despite the unprecedented downturn facing Australia’s minerals industry now is the time to invest in strategic research and development, according to CSIRO Minerals Chief Dr Bart Follink.

The bright lights of Clayton (Podcast 28 Sep 2009)

In this vodcast, we visit CSIRO’s Clayton laboratories to see how lasers and a Perspex scale model are being used to configure coal fired power station boilers to burn dried brown coal. (5:07)

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