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Dr Anita Hill: Executive Director, Manufacturing, Digital Productivity and CSIRO Services Sector

Dr Anita Hill is CSIRO’s Executive Director – Manufacturing, Digital Productivity and CSIRO Services Sector, with responsibilities for oversight of the organisation’s manufacturing and digital research and CSIRO’s services line of business.


Bio-leaching technologies offer potential to access ores which house most of the world’s copper resources, but can not be economically extracted using existing techniques.

Feature break out: A golden discovery

Kentor Gold’s discovery of previously unexplored copper-gold zones at its Jervois project in the Northern Territory happened almost by chance. It was a case of the right people being in the right place to receive the right information. Adam Courtenay reports

CSIRO Chile Engages Industry on Latest Mineral Processing Technologies

CSIRO Chile Engages Industry on latest Mineral Processing Technologies

Nanosafety: the big picture

Nanosafety: the big picture.

Past issues

The first issue of resourceful was published in July, 2012.

Software provides competitive advantage

An integrated ore analysis software package is providing industry with a more detailed understanding of their orebodies in real time. Adam Courtenay investigates

Thinking small provides big rewards

A team of CSIRO scientists have demonstrated that a greater understanding of the chemical and physical properties of orebodies can have huge benefits. Tim Treadgold investigates what this means for exploration, mine life and mineral processing.

Settling the score with advanced modelling

A 25-year project on thickener modelling that has already delivered huge value for the mineral processing industry has now entered a new phase. Jodie Parry investigates what the world’s first three-dimensional thickener model will provide industry.

Making open pits safer, by design

What began as an international research and technology transfer project has changed the way the mining industry approaches open pit design. Tony Heselev finds that this shift is making open pit mining safer and more productive.

Taking cyanide out of the gold equation

Research that began almost 20 years ago in Perth has enabled the world’s largest gold producer to commercialise a process that uses a non-toxic chemical in gold recovery. Tony Heselev reports

Zooming in without losing the big picture

A new A$38 million analytical facility to be built in Perth will provide ‘metre-to-atomic scale’ characterisation of ore samples – a world first that will allow industry to be smarter about where and how they mine and process ores. Liz Greenbank reports

Longwall automation goes global

After success on home soil, Australian automated longwall technology has taken to the international stage in coal mines in the United States. Tim Thwaites reports.

Keeping an ear out for success

The novel application of the acoustic emissions technique is providing industry with a mechanism to monitor machine noise in real time and to maximise efficiency. Maryrose Cuskelly reports

Harnessing the power of a tornado in a tank

A simple mixing technology, developed using world-class science, proves the best option for the mineral processing industry. resourceful investigates how the technology is saving the industry time and money.

A new paradigm

Rising energy, infrastructure and environmental costs are now driving a new paradigm of precision mining, writes Professor Paul Lever, CEO of CRCMining.

Survival depends on a collective approach

Although the industry works in a competitive world, some challenges need to be faced together, writes Paul Dowd, Non-Executive Director, Oz Minerals.

The necessity for change is upon us

To combat declining productivity, miners, researchers and technology companies need to come together to develop technologies that allow real-time, whole-of-life management of our resources, writes Jonathan Law, Director of CSIRO’s Minerals Down Under Flagship.

Australian productivity relies on innovation

If Australia is to remain a leading resources and energy exporter, our productivity and competitiveness must rise, writes Minister for Industry, the Honourable Ian Macfarlane.

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Titanium Challenge 2014

Get titanium for your cranium!

Dr Mark Cooksey: designing and optimising mineral processes

Dr Mark Cooksey is applying industry experience in process improvement to the development and optimisation of new processes.

Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT)

The Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT) is a collaboration between CSIRO and the State Government of Queensland. Research at QCAT covers robotics and automation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, casting processes, mining science and engineering and improvement of iron ore processing.

Process magazine

The October 2010 issue of Process demonstrates how applying CSIRO expertise to a wide range of projects in the minerals sector will help to create wealth for Australia. (12 pages)

Process magazine

The June 2010 issue of Process demonstrates how applying CSIRO expertise to a wide range of industry projects continues to have a positive impact on the Australian minerals sector. (12 pages)

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