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Dr Marcus Zipper: Chief, CSIRO Process Science and Engineering

Dr Marcus Zipper leads the division's staff at sites across Australia.

Dr Anita Hill: Group Executive - Manufacturing, Materials and Minerals

Dr Anita Hill leads the division's staff at sites in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Dr Nawshad Haque: life cycle assessment and flowsheet modelling of mineral processing

Techniques such as life cycle assessment, techno-economic evaluation and flowsheet modelling allow Dr Nawshad Haque to understand the true cost of production processes used in the minerals industry.


Bio-leaching technologies offer potential to access ores which house most of the world’s copper resources, but can not be economically extracted using existing techniques.

Smart chemical sensors

Robust chemical sensor technologies have the potential to provide closed loop feedback control systems for copper and gold leaching operations.

Dr Miao Chen: taking sustainable mining towards a zero-waste metal extraction process

Dr Miao Chen leads a multi-disciplinary research team developing bioleaching technologies for copper ores, and robust chemical sensors for mineral processing and mine waste remediation.

Salty waste a potentially sweet deal

Using desalination plants’ hyper-saline discharge in solar salt fields could increase production and halve the space required by conventional salt fields, research that uses technoeconomics is finding.

Dr Sri Lathabai: leading research on nanostructured and ultrafine grained metallic materials

Dr Sri Lathabai is a materials engineer working on enhancing the performance of materials produced by a number of novel processes including electron beam-assisted additive manufacturing processes, severe plastic deformation processes and novel joining technologies.

Dr Ling Zhang: modelling properties of high-temperature melts

Dr Ling Zhang's research specialises in physical chemistry of high temperature systems.

Mr Trevor Hadley: fluidised bed processes

Mr Trevor Hadley is a chemical engineer specialising in fluidised bed processes, design and modelling.

Dr Phil Fawell: researching flocculation and thickening for enhanced solid-liquid separation

Dr Phil Fawell’s research focuses on flocculation under highly controlled conditions, to better match industrial conditions.

Dr Mark Pownceby: specialising in solid state chemistry and mineralogy research

Dr Mark Pownceby is a Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO's Process Science and Engineering Division. He has extensive expertise in solid state chemistry and mineralogy research.

Dr Mark Gibson: alloy development and microstructure manipulation

Dr Mark Gibson is a materials engineering working in the development of novel processes and materials.

Dr Kathie McGregor: investigating new technologies for electrolytic production of light metals

Dr Kathie McGregor is an electrochemist, who uses her specialised understanding of metal complex chemistry to develop improved industrial metal production processes.

Dr Alex Deev: using fundamental science to improve pyrometallurgical processes

Dr Alex Deev specialises in high temperature physical chemistry, biomass pyrolysis and the utilisation of renewable carbon in extractive metallurgy.

Mr Howard Poynton: managing materials characterisation research

Mr Howard Poynton leads the Materials Characterisation team for CSIRO's Process Science and Engineering Division. His team combines industry-leading expertise with sophisticated technology and techniques to characterise the physical, chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of materials and ores.

Dr Chu Yong Cheng: specialising in solvent extraction technologies

Dr Chu Yong Cheng leads research in solvent extraction technologies for metal recovery.

Pure zircon process provides a solution for mineral sands processors

A process which lowers the radioactive and non-radioactive impurity levels of zircon could provide mineral sands processors with an economic method of accessing previously unattractive zircon deposits.

Dr Keith Barnard: solvent extraction expert

Dr Keith Barnard leads the solvent extraction chemistry research group and the ‘SXT2’ multi-sponsored research project.

Dr Theo Rodopoulos: developing new electrochemical processing technologies

Dr Rodopoulos leads research in electrochemical processing and waste treatment using non-aqueous electrochemistry.

Dr Leon Prentice: engineering new processes

Dr Leon Prentice is a chemical engineer with expertise in the development of novel processes and materials, and experience in processing minerals and metals and developing biomaterials.

Mr Andreas Monch: estimating process viability for new technologies

Andreas Monch is a chemical engineer with expertise in engineering development, flow-sheeting and economic evaluation of new processes over a wide range of industries.

Metals and ceramics design and processing

CSIRO researchers are developing novel materials and cost-effective production processes to meet the needs of industry.

Precious and base metals hydrometallurgy

CSIRO is working closely with research partners and the Australian minerals industry to maximise the returns from mineral resources derived using hydrometallurgical processes while reducing the environmental impact of these processes.

Online analysis and control

CSIRO Process Science and Engineering works closely with industry to develop online tools and techniques that provide improved measurement and control of processes.

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