Our Labs

Autonomous systems

CSIRO is developing autonomous technologies to monitor the environment and infrastructure and improve safety and operating efficiency in the mining, manufacturing and agricultural industries.

Information engineering

Finding, integrating, managing and delivering services and information in a trusted and secure way. Science and technology for finding, integrating, managing and delivering services and information in a trusted and secure way.

Wireless & networking

CSIRO is working on enabling technologies for future mobile and wireless communications networks and developing next generation imaging and sensing systems. CSIRO is developing improved communications systems and sensors for innovative medical and industrial applications.

Business and Services Analytics

Our researchers develop mathematical sciences methods and technologies that are applied in many areas of Australia’s services sector, from finance to air traffic to healthcare.

Computational and Mathematical Modelling

The Computational and Mathematical Modelling research program develops advanced computational and mathematical modelling tools to better understand, design and control physical and chemical processes that occur in wide range of both traditional and novel engineering applications.

Environmental and Agricultural Informatics

Major issues such as climate change, sustainable fisheries and urban water quality benefit from CSIRO's statistical and mathematical expertise. Our methods are being adopted and, in some cases, mandated by state and federal governments, and international agencies.

Australia e-Health Research Centre

Through the Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO invests significantly in using information and communication technologies to improve healthcare and clinical treatment for all Australians.

Intelligent Sensing and Systems Laboratory

The Tasmanian ICT Centre has developed a world-class ICT research capacity and conducts innovative applied research in the areas of sensor networks and data management.

Making a Difference

HeatWave: mobile 3D thermal mapping in real-time

Discover HeatWave, our handheld heat mapping and 3D imaging technology. The lightweight and mobile device can generate a precise 3D model of an object or scene. HeatWave is next gen thermal imaging, helping lower costs and improving accessibility for applications across industries such as energy, building, manufacturing, construction, emergency services, and health.

Broadband for Australia

CSIRO is developing technologies to connect people and machines with high speed broadband and enable them to access the wireless internet anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-based image analysis and processing toolbox

We're using the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) cloud infrastructure to provide improved access to biomedical image processing and analysis software packages to researchers.

Wireless sensor networks: a new instrument for observing our world

CSIRO is developing robust wireless sensor network hardware and smart software to increase the quality and reduce the cost of collecting environmental data.

Global banks use CSIRO financial maths

CSIRO has partnered with GFI Group to develop a powerful collection of models to assist banks and financial institutions in pricing all major exotic foreign exchange (FX) options.

Australia's Marine Ecological Indicators Reports

Research has identified a set of indicators of marine ecosystem health and identified pressures that threaten Australia's marine environment.

eResearch: new tools for big science

We're developing technologies to make the most of large, complex data sets and to better share them around the world.

Emergency detection and response

CSIRO technologies are helping Australians prepare for, detect, respond to and recover from natural disasters and emergency situations.