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Providing innovation to Australian manufacturing

Paintbond - a spray-on topcoat for aircraft

CSIRO and Boeing have developed a simple and effective 'spray on and leave on' re-coating technology that is used on every new Boeing commercial airliner.

Making hygiene products more comfortable

CSIRO is assisting a family-owned Victorian specialist manufacturing company, Textor Technologies, to consolidate its position as a key supplier of specialised fluid transfer fabrics to the global market.

Ceramifiable plastic cables

An Australian plastic cable coating that transforms into a fireproof ceramic in a blaze maintains the integrity of electrical circuits for alarms, pumps and fans vital for safe evacuation and fire fighting.

Zero-waste coating process a real winner

CSIRO and Dulux Powder Coatings developed a coating system that's emission free and environmentally sustainable and it’s won a 2008 Premier’s Sustainability Award.


Bioplastics, or “green polymers”, are derived from renewable biomass sources, such as starch, protein or polylactic acid, blended with natural fillers.

Ceramic armour

Australian soldiers in the field are protected by Australian-made lightweight, easy-to-wear ceramic armour thanks to manufacturing technology developed through CSIRO.