CSIRO's research is focused on the following:

Fire and carbon in regional Australia

This project is identifying the biophysical, economic and social opportunities for remote communities relating to land management for greenhouse gas abatement, with a focus on fire management in tropical savannas.

Monitoring cattle

A project based at Pigeon Hole Station in the Northern Territory is experimenting with paddock size and water point distribution to improve cattle grazing patterns to reduce the incidence of heavily grazed patches.

Agricultural and forest systems

CSIRO is bringing together knowledge and best practice on the structure and function, values and benefits of Australia’s natural and planted forests.

Native plants and forestry

CSIRO studies Australian native plants to better understand their variety, needs and role in contemporary ecosystems.

Water and nutrient leak

This article from Farming Ahead describes a computer-based index devised by CSIRO researchers that can estimate the ‘leakiness’ of grazed, arid and semi-arid rangeland landscapes by using a combination of remote sensing and geographic information system technologies. (3 pages)

Research at Alice Springs

CSIRO's laboratory in Alice Springs conducts research that addresses a range of issues in arid and semi-arid rangelands.

How we manage our land will have a significant impact on our ability to address biodiversity decline and Australia's net greenhouse gas emissions.

Also, with population growth the food production challenge is set in an environment where land, water, energy and labour resources are more constrained and competition for these resources is more intense. Combined with significatn uncertinaties arising from climate change, research is needed to help guide Australia's response to these challenges and how they imapct upon the fragile natural resources that characterise our landscape.

CSIRO's research focus in landscape management looks to address these challenges by developing innovative technologies and practices and to inform policy. This will ensure Australia's unique landscapes are managed sustainably to deliver our food, fibre, biodiversity, water and carbon objectives.