CSIRO's research is focused on the following key areas:

Ecosystem Responses to Flow

Ecosystem Responses to Flow research is providing the science to guide the rehabilitation and sustainable management of surface water and groundwater dependent ecosystems.

Ecosystem Response to Catchment Processes

Ecosystem Response to Catchment Processes research provides the scientific underpinning for catchment management of diffuse pollution based on desired ecological outcomes, ecological process understanding and adaptive monitoring programs.

Environmental Contaminants

Environmental Contaminants research underpins the maintenance and protection of Australia’s land and water resources from contamination leading to improved national regulations and guidelines which protect human ecosystem health and allow safe use of chemicals and disposal of wastes.

Industrial and Urban Groundwater Contaminants

Industrial and Urban Groundwater Contaminants research provides the scientific basis to enable the definition and management of chemical exposures and impacts in industrial and urban groundwater and associated surface water environments.

Many of Australia’s aquatic ecosystems are either degraded or under threat. These problems result from interacting stresses such as consumptive water use, land and habitat degradation, invasive species, and poor surface or ground water quality from excess nutrient, organic carbon, contaminant or sediment loadings.

Degradation of ecosystems is of widespread concern in Australia because of their role in maintaining a healthy environment, and the accepted intrinsic value and international significance of Australia’s biodiversity, ecosystems and natural heritage. There is strong government policy and community expectation to protect or restore these systems.

The Ecosystems and Contaminants Theme provides science necessary for the protection or restoration of aquatic ecosystems and human health.

Our science tackles both national and international water availability and water quality challenges by applying a systems framework in the conduct of field studies, ecological modelling, risk assessment, integration and synthesis across diverse fields of knowledge.

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