Partnership Highlights

Securing the future of Australian oil refining

Southern Oil Refining is driven to enter new markets to stay ahead of international competition. Together with CSIRO, they have developed a new process to improve their products, with industrial-scale trials planned for 2014.

New sustainable aviation fuel feedstocks

Boeing and CSIRO have partnered to undertake a comprehensive study to evaluate the potential for growing new feedstocks in northern Australia and turning them into sustainable aviation biofuels.

Developing new solar air turbine system technology

A new partnership between CSIRO and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will develop and demonstrate large scale air turbine system technology for concentrated solar thermal power plants.

Electric Driveway: vehicles and household power

CSIRO is evaluating the benefits and impact of electric vehicles on Australia’s electricity networks and energy systems, and in the homes and cities of the future, to help reduce emissions from electricity generation and transport.

Research Highlights

Navigating sustainability: measurement, evaluation and action

CSIRO have responded to the need to navigate sustainability for the world now and into the future.

UltraBattery: no ordinary battery

This innovative advancement on conventional battery design from the Energy Transformed National Research Flagship delivers low cost, long life, high performance power and provides a solution for future energy storage needs.

Solar cooling

CSIRO is developing new technologies and systems which use solar thermal energy to provide low emission cooling - or heating - for buildings and refrigeration for food storage.

Saving energy in your home

All you need to know to save power, money and reduce your carbon footprint.