Our Flagships

Agriculture Flagship

Our Agriculture Flagship is helping Australian farmers and industry improve productivity and sustainability across the agriculture sector.

Biosecurity Flagship

CSIRO's Biosecurity Flagship helps to protect Australia from biosecurity threats and risks posed by serious exotic and endemic pests and diseases.

Digital Productivity Flagship

Our Digital Productivity Flagship uses data and digital technologies to help tackle some of Australia’s and the world’s most pressing productivity challenges.

Energy Flagship

We're delivering technology options and science that will enhance Australia’s economic competitiveness and regional energy security while enabling the transition to a lower emissions energy future.

Food and Nutrition Flagship

Our Food and Nutrition Flagship conducts research to support the health and wellbeing of Australians and the sustainability and viability of the Australian food industry.

Land and Water Flagship

A globally recognised provider of innovative research solutions to the most significant land, water and ecosystem management challenges.

Manufacturing Flagship

Manufacturing a cleaner future through advanced materials and manufacturing technologies.

Mineral Resources Flagship

Our Mineral Resources Flagship works with industry to grow Australia's resource base, increase productivity and drive environmental performance.

Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship

The Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship provides the knowledge to manage Australia's marine estate and atmospheric environment.