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  • Sollar panels arranged around a tower, the light hitting the panels is being relected up to the tower Supercritical steam

    We are using solar energy to generate hot and pressurised ‘supercritical’ steam, at the highest temperatures in the world, outside of fossil fuel sources.

  • Organic solar cell Photovoltaics

    We are leading the way in the development of low cost, environmentally friendly production methods and flexible materials that could change how and where photovoltaic energy can be generated.

  •  Breaking wave in the ocean. Ocean Energy in Australia

    Harnessing the energy of the ocean through the movement or temperature of water.

Our research

  • Electricity grids and modelling

    Improving energy efficiency through the development of intelligent models, systems and management tools which change the way energy is used and transmitted in homes, buildings and industry.

  • Energy in your home

    You can save energy in your home using science and simple techniques. Find out how you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Energy storage

    Cutting edge energy storage technologies that utilise heat, ceramics and batteries.

  • Fossil fuel energy

    We are developing more efficient and sustainable fossil fuel technologies and helping industry to safely access and extract Australia's rich resources, including oil, gas and coal.

  • Hydraulic fracturing

    Hydraulic fracturing, also commonly referred to as fraccing, is a method used by the oil and gas industry to increase the rate and total amount of oil and gas extracted from reservoirs.

  • Solar energy

    Making solar a reliable, stable power source for Australia's energy future – including solar thermal systems and next-generation cells.