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Geothermal energy: hot fractured rocks

Geothermal energy from hot rocks is a promising renewable energy option that could underpin a non-fossil fuel based economy of the future.

Developing techniques for Australian coal mining

The longwall top coal caving method could double the amount of coal recoverable from Australia’s thick seams of underground coal while improving safety and reducing the risk of spontaneous combustion.

Dr Jane Hodgkinson: exploring options for the Australian mining industry in response to climate changes

Dr Jane Hodgkinson's current research is largely focused on two areas involving Australian geology and mining: climate mitigation and adaptation in the mining industry, and geological characterisation for improving mineral targeting.

Landmark Longwall Automation Project

Landmark Longwall Automation Project: working with existing coal face equipment to deliver a safer more efficient mine.

Dr Chong Wong

Dr Chong Wong is the project leader for various commercial oil and gas projects related to multiphase flows, sand erosion and transport.

Dr Kieren Moffat: exploring sustainable futures for the Australian minerals industry

Dr Kieren Moffat is a social and organisational psychologist who leads a team of social scientists in the Science into Society research group.

Dr Justine Lacey: exploring ethical use and management of Australia's natural resources

Dr Justine Lacey is a philosopher exploring how we make and justify our decisions about natural resource management and technology assessment in the minerals industry

Dr Phil Schmidt: mineral mapping in all dimensions

Dr Phillip Schmidt, Stream Leader in the Minerals Down Under Flagship, leads CSIRO research in three-dimensional mapping technologies.

Dr June Hill: structural geology and 3D geology modelling

Dr June Hill is a structural geologist predominantly working on ductile structures in high metamorphic grade regions. She is also working on 3D geology modelling and modelling software development.

National Geosequestration Laboratory (NGL)

The NGL is a world-class research and development facility established to advance carbon storage technologies that play a crucial role in achieving a low-emission economy for Australia.

Dr Jonathan Huntington: mapping the distribution of mineral system signatures

Dr Jon Huntington is a leading authority on spectral sensing technolgies for measuring and mapping minerals for exploration and mining.

Dr Graham Carr: Chief Scientist of CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering

Dr Graham Carr is currently Chief Scientist in the Division of Earth Science and Resource Engineering and has served on Divisional Executive teams since 1996.

Gold nuggets reveal their inner secrets

A study of the characteristics of gold nuggets from around Australia has overturned many years of accepted scientific wisdom on how nuggets form.

Geophysics: aiding mineral and petroleum exploration research

CSIRO's geophysics capability contributes to a range of research applications from mineral exploration and mine safety to monitoring carbon dioxide storage.

‘Electronic ears’ to guide mining drills

CSIRO scientists with the Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship have successfully used an electronic listening post to track and control a drill operating more than 300 metres below the Earth’s surface.

CSIRO and Queensland Government to workshop smart exploration techniques

CSIRO and the Geological Survey of Queensland are combining to conduct a series of workshops on hyperspectral mapping.

Patterns in a complex planet

The deep Earth, oceans and atmosphere form a tightly coupled and complex system in which small changes in one part can have a cascading effect on other parts.

Dr Chris Yeats: discovering the secrets of the seafloor

Dr Chris Yeats is the Program Leader for CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering's Mineral System Science Program.

Automating the nation

The latest edition of CSIRO Exploration and Mining's earthmatters magazine looks at how Australian science and engineering is advancing the frontiers of intelligent automation in the resources industry.

ARRC partnership in the West

A major initiative of the Western Australian Government, CSIRO and Curtin University of Technology, the Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC) was developed as a partnership of research agencies and industry to become a significant international centre for research, training and technology development for the global resources sector.

Dr Angela Halfpenny: characterising gold deposits

Dr Angela Halfpenny's current research at CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering involves characterising gold deposits.


Developing next generation mining technologies to secure Australia's global competitiveness

Karl Rodrigues: Project Director for the National Geosequestration Laboratory

Mr Karl Rodrigues is the Project Director for the National Geosequestration Laboratory (NGL), a world-class research facility to support demonstration sites focussed on geological storage of carbon dioxide.

Minerals Down Under Flagship locations

We conduct minerals research at eight main sites across Australia.

Deep Exploration Technologies CRC

The Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre delivers research into more successful, cheaper and safer ways to drill, analyse and target deep mineral deposits.

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