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Exploring the social dimensions of the Australian seafloor exploration and mining industry

Wealth from Oceans Flagship research is exploring stakeholder reactions to the prospect of a seafloor exploration and mining industry expansion in Australia, identifying a number of initial stakeholder requirements that would need to be addressed if the industry is to expand.

SMART*CUT makes hard rock mining faster and more efficient

CSIRO’s SMART*CUT technology saves money, time and effort by breaking rocks at the minimum energy and power required.

Improving safety and productivity in coal mines

CSIRO’s innovative underground longwall automation technology is increasing efficiency and protecting lives.


GEOTEMP™: a tool for processing, evaluating and interpreting geothermal temperature data to assist the exploration industry.

Geoscience enters the cloud to tackle society's biggest challenges

Cloud computing and one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers will form the backbone of a national integrated geoscience data network being developed by CSIRO, Geoscience Australia and AuScope.

Unconventional gas brochure

CSIRO is conducting research that is aiding to support sustainable development of the coal seam gas and shale gas industries.

Microseismic monitoring

CSIRO is developing microseismic techniques that will improve our understanding of fracture processes. These techniques increase the value of data captured by microseismic monitoring.

Microbially enhanced coal seam methane brochure

CSIRO is currently developing a program on microbial enhancement of coal seam methane production, to understand the processes involved and how to apply that knowledge to replenish depleted and unproductive coal seams.

Shale gas research program

CSIRO is currently developing a shale gas program to cover research issues and the delivery of services to the Australian industry. This 2-page brochure showcases CSIRO's activities and capabilities in shale gas research.

Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC): Annual Reports

The Australian Resources Research Centre Annual Report presents details of the activities of the centre.

Shale Research Centre

The Shale Research Centre, located at the Australian Resources Research Centre, is a nucleus of experimental and theoretical research expertise aimed at solving the critical issues related to clay rich sediments and rocks. (2 pages)


This brochure outlines PressurePlot™, PressureQC and PressureDB™, a linked visualisation software and database system used to rapidly and qualitatively compare contemporary and historical data sets. (2 pages)

Hytra Hydrate Flow Loop

Read a brochure on Australia's first gas hydrate flow loop to simulate gas pipeline conditions deepwater gas fields and understand hydrate dynamic behaviour. (2 pages)

Enhanced oil recovery

This 2-page brochure outlines the capabilities being used to aid research into enhanced oil recovery.

Downhole robot brochure

CSIRO has developed an autonomous and wireless downhole robot that measures key factors affecting production in petroleum wells.

Development of a downhole robot for monitoring oil wells

CSIRO is looking for partners to assist in the further development of a downhole robot - an autonomous device that measures variables within production wells.

Petroleum geoscience: diagenesis characterisation

CSIRO's diagenesis team delivers capabilities in diagenetic studies and characterisation of reservoir rocks and minerals. (2 pages)

PipeAssure™: a composite pipeline repair system

Find out more about PipeAssure™, the revolutionary technology functions as an overwrap to protect and repair damaged sections of pipelines in this two page brochure.

Petroleum geoscience: Organic petrology

CSIRO’s petrology team conducts research and services with an emphasis on petroleum source rock evaluation and coal seam reservoir characterisation for coal seam methane production and geological storage of CO2. (2 pages)

Petroleum engineering: Hydraulic fracturing

CSIRO has extensive expertise in hydraulic fracturing techniques and is developing new methods of analysis and application of hydraulic fracturing to the petroleum, mining, geothermal industries and for geoscience research. (2 pages)

Gas processing and conversion

This brochure showcases the expertise, facilities and research projects being undertaken in the Gas Processing and Conversion research program. (2 pages)

Petroleum geoscience: Fluid history analysis

CSIRO develops and applies innovative techniques to investigate the movement of hydrocarbons in petroleum reservoirs and sedimentary basins at geological and production time scales by analysing rocks and associated fluids at the micro-scale. (2 pages)

Dielectric measurement of rock samples

CSIRO's Petrophysics Laboratory offers a range of dielectric measurement options for solid and drill cutting samples (2 pages).

Petroleum geoscience: Argon thermochronology

This brochure explains how CSIRO’s argon thermochronology team applies K-Ar and Ar-Ar dating technology to determine the ages of rocks, minerals and the timing of fluid flow. (2 pages)

Coal seam gas

This 2-page brochure outlines projects being undertaken into coal seam gas by CSIRO.

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