Our Research


CSIRO researchers are investigating the sustainable agricultural production of wheat, barley and rice varieties suited to changing national and global conditions.


CSIRO researchers are working with Australia's cotton industry to build a sustainable industry for the future.


CSIRO is contributing to improving the production, processing and marketing of grapes and grape products.  

Natives & Forestry

CSIRO studies Australian native plants to better understand their variety, needs and role in contemporary ecosystems.

Oilseeds & Legumes

Oilseeds, such as canola, are important agricultural crops in Australia and CSIRO is looking to make them healthier and more productive. CSIRO is also working with soybeans, lupins, chickpeas and cowpeas, to develop drought tolerance, improve nutritional value and tackle disease.


CSIRO helps produce better sugarcane varieties to make sugarcane based industries more profitable and sustainable.