Our Research

Soil and Landscape Science

The Soil and Landscape program is providing the science to help sustain productivity and improve the condition of our soil resources.

Surface Water Hydrology

The Surface Water Hydrology program's research in hydrological modelling and predicting climate, land use and development impacts on water, guides water resources management and planning.

Groundwater Hydrology

The Groundwater Hydrology program provides robust science to underpin effective water resource planning for the sustainable use of Australia's groundwater resources.

Environmental Information Systems

The Environmental Information Systems research program develops services and tools which turn data into information and knowledge.

Environmental Earth Observation

The Environmental Earth Observation program develops applications that integrate observations with models to inform management and policy in key national and international priority areas.

Catchment Biogeochemistry and Aquatic Ecology

The Catchment Biogeochemistry and Aquatic Ecology program provides the tools to deliver integrated and sustainable catchment and waterway management.

Contaminant Chemistry and Ecotoxicology

The Contaminant Chemistry and Ecotoxicology program characterises contaminants in landscapes and water bodies, and measures and predicts their effects on biota in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Water Reuse and Environmental Process Engineering

Our expertise in water reuse, resource recovery and environmental processing is addressing urban, environmental and industry demands.

Urban Water Systems Engineering

Our research is creating the science and technology needed for more sustainable, efficient and innovative use of Australia’s water resources.

Making a difference

Flinders and Gilbert Agricultural Resource Assessment

CSIRO has completed, for the Australian Government, an investigation of opportunities for water and agricultural development in the Flinders and Gilbert catchments of north Queensland.

Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment

CSIRO is reappraising the water resources of the Great Artesian Basin, which underlies about one-fifth of the Australian continent.

Improving water quality in the Great Barrier Reef

CSIRO, through the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, is undertaking research to underpin the effective management of water quality in the Great Barrier Reef.

SEACI: understanding climate change and variability in south-eastern Australia

The South Eastern Australian Climate Initiative's research aimed to improve our understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change and variability in south-eastern Australia, and improve projections of future climate.

Water Information Research and Development Alliance

Improving the management of Australia’s water resources through the delivery of value-added water information products.